Tuesday 29 December 2015

Do you face constipation during holidays? (Christmas 2015 @ Penang)

We just came back from a 6 days holidays to penang.

Usually during holidays, we are lack of water and fibre to have regular bowel movement and we tend to eat the local delights when travelling and with all these, we are accumulating toxin in our body.

We are just like you.  However during our holidays, I packed for my family this HEALTHY BREAKFAST for my children and hubby and myself.  Our bowel movement was regular and my hubby could feel a difference after 1 breakfast.  He cleared his bowel 2-3x daily instead of once.

For family, you might want to stay at Golden Sands (under Shangrila).  They had activities for children during Christmas.  Kids had fun!!!


Water game.

Tyre game.

Magic Show!!!

Games and activities for more than 2 hours!!! Our kids in purple team is the Winning Team!

Their Mascot and Santa Claus giving our goodies bags.

They were happy with their balloons sculpturing.

Gold sands a nice sliding pool too. :)

Penang holidays was a great trip with good food, good accommodation, good family bonding, fun activities and many more!!!

Looking forward to our next extended family annual Christmas holidays!

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