Sunday 29 November 2015

My kids learning journey

I was an ACCA graduated and after working for a few years i became a SAHM when Alyssa was half year old.  I embarked to be a Healthy Fast Food Business Owner after 5 years when my kids especially Alyssa fell sick frequently and even got hospitalised for recurring fever and diagnosed with mild bronchitis.

When i was a SAHM, i ensured that i optimised my time with my kids to justify my sacrifice of my career.

Every morning i would like to let the music run at the background and stimulate her / him with toys or educational materials.  Every waking up moment, they were with me and i am their teacher.  I set quit a strict routine for them.  They slept from 7pm to 7am (in between woke up for milk feed) for their first year.  Each timing of the day, they will play, read, go for stroll and classes.  I always believe that everyone should have good sleep, adequate exercise, stay happy and have a good diet (will do a write up, stay tune) since i have kids.

From 3 months old, i adopted Glenn Doman program for them and i started reading and that explain why they love books now i guess.

Alyssa as the 1st child, she got to expose more than her brother.  From about 7-8 months old, she attended Kindermusik at Tanglin Mall and 1 year old at Shichida (Tanjiong Pagar) and left about 3 year old and GUG to master Zoo phonic for 1-2 terms and left.  1.5 years old, we sent her to JG and stopped when her brother came out just before her 2nd birthday and sent her to childcare.

Glenn Doman

When Alyssa was about 3 year old, we let her try Art Bug for awhile and i love their program.  Gradually i started her on the following.
-Shaw Little League Sport (they are with Shaws Preschool and enrichment during school hours.  They have holidays program and i heard always fully booked)
-Kawai Piano (From music appreciation to 1-1)
-I Can Read (You can go for assessment.  My suggestion is to start if your child is suitable from I can Read Preliminary level)
-Artary (i like their different medium of doing art)
-Jelic then move on to MPM (logic games, problem solving, math)
-People Impact (raising resilient kids)
-Berries (Chinese)

Zachary follows a very similar route as his sister. Boy being boy,  Zachary could not sit still for Glenn Doman flash cards and we tried out the sparkanauts (then Gymnademic) which covered gymnastics, music appreciation and flash cards etc. He also attended GUG from 1 year old for half a year and JG for about a year before going cc.

He started Shichida at 1.5 years old instead of 1 and left after a year when his teacher left. Then he moved on to Heguru for another 1 year.

Alyssa and Zachary begin their full day childcare at Shaws since i start my Healthy Fast Food Business . Their health improve tremendously after i found the science of Nutritional Immunology.  With full day childcare, they are able to cope with the above enrichent.

Although academic is important, i find that being a resilient kid with moral values are far more important.  I want to cultivate compassion & empathy, leadership & teamwork and add values to the society in them.

As i started my business a couple of years back, i train my kids to be independent and do their work themselves so that when we are home we can spend time playing board games or Wii / playstation  or even swimming and cycling.

I have some pictures of the materials i used at home.  You can either check out my carousell or contact me.

I am not a guru but if you would like me to share more, please whatsapp me at 9791 9279.

Thank you and best regards
Health coach / consultant / speaker
9791 9279

Alyssa starts the following since she attends P1 in 2016.
January 2016 - Jiang Lao Shi instead of Berries ( She enjoys Jiang as she feels she learns more and she is pretty advance)
March 2016 - Learning Point English (Her english is pretty good as well as she is an early and independent reader.  Initial thought was to sign up to keep her occupy as she felt bored after coming home from school in the afternoon.)
March 2016 - Jazz dance at Dance Thrilodgy (She has been wanting to learn dance for a few years)
She enjoys all her classes.

Since 2016, every sun we dedicate time in the morning and evening for movies, sports such as scootering, cycling and swimming and ad hoc activities like birthday parties or family dinners.

Coming 2018, Alyssa will be 9 and Zachary 7.
English - Learning Point
Chinese - Jiang Laoshi
Math - MPM
Alyssa Piano - Kawai
Zachary drum - Kawai
Speech & drama - SHHK
Alyssa CCA - badminton

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