Friday 11 April 2014

You are a millionaire!!!

Read an interesting article and would like to share with everyone.

Do you know you are a millionaire? A healthy body and organs make you a millionaire and a sick body can cause you to be bankrupt! Which do you want to be?

We can spend on hundreds or thousands on luxury which we can't bring away when we die but a healthy body gives us pleasure And an enjoyable retirement.

Would you like to invest in maintain your car or your health first?

Are we taking our health seriously? Or long been taken for granted?  My mum used to tell me this when I was young,  "nightmare is when you want to die but can't die and burden others".  I remember this till this very day and remind myself I am no longer alone, I am a responsible adult; i have children and parents to take care of.

Please read here too.

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