Thursday, 24 October 2019

Nutritional Immunology health talk by Dr Chen Jau Fei on 9 Nov 2019

Knowledge is powerful! 
It is important to arm ourselves with the right health knowledge to safeguard ours and our family and friends' health.

I would to invite you to join me to the following sessions to learn more on how to safeguard your health through the science of Nutritional Immunology with Dr Chen Jau Fri and Dr EE Zhang.

Who is Dr Chen Jau Fei???

Meet World Renowned Nutritional Immunologist, Dr Chen Jau Fei 
1. Founded the preventive health science of nutritional immunology
2. Authors of many books. Her latest health book is available at popular and app store
3. Invited speakers in many universities over the last 32 years
4. Constant donations to her Alma mater Brigham Young University over the years
5. Received numerous awards such as Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award 2016, Ten Outstanding Young American, China Dynasty Award, Influential Chinese in USA, Outstanding Chinese in the World, etc
6. 8 Mar 1996 was designated as Jau-Fei Chen Day in California
7. Invited to meet Bill Clinton, Hu JinTao & Zhu RongJi etc
8. Interviews by media all over the world such as 95.8FM, CNA etc
9. China honor her with a commemorative stamp set 
10. Patented Ginseng Berries & Cactus Fruit

Know more about Dr Chen Jau Fei here.

Live with Dr Chen
(Chinese Language)
Date: 09 November 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 2:00pm – 4:00pm (Admission:- 1:00pm)
Venue: Marina Bay Sands
(Jasmine Main Ballroom, Level 3)
Tix: S$20 nett

There will be Q&A sessions open to the floor on general health enquiries but not on personal health matters

Order your tix NOW! Tix is limited!

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