Thursday, 30 March 2017

Does laser treatment helps to 'rejuvenate' vaginas for better sex lives?

I just came across this interesting article which I feel must share as we always have new innovation popping up now and then in this modern society.

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What's the cause of losing elasticity?

Can treatments stimulate the growth of collagen?

Is prevention better than cure?

Is there a better way?

Which do you think is a better way?

Personally, I would choose a non invasive way. I have been taking a series of high antioxidants wholesome plant, fruits and vegetables.  

I have seen the following results. 
- I look younger
- I look healthier
- my c section scar from delivery is gone
- I have more stamina to achieve more things in life
- etc

Do you want to enjoy what I reap? 😊
You can conveniently find cactus, cactus fruits, ginseng berries, rose, seaweeds and grape seeds from oxyginberry

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