Monday, 14 July 2014

Aug 2014 Live with Dr Chen Jau Fei, world renowned nutritional immunologist

From the last 2 sessions of Live with Dr Chen we learnt about the side effects of cholesterol and blood pressure lowering drugs, difference between Alzheimer vs Parkinson disease and its prevention, the best food for our babies, can glucosamine help in joint pain, does birds nests really help in beauty, are there such things as collagen drink and skincare, weight management etc.

Due to the overwhelming response fr the public, Dr Chen is coming back again!

Date: 17 aug, Sunday
Time: 1-3pm & 330-5pm
Venue: Orchard hotel
Tix:  $ 25 with goodies bags
Limited tix!  Please confirm ur tix NOW!!!

This time Dr Chen is covering topics like:
- Why non smoker women are still able to contract lung cancer and its prevention
- Is diet able to build up immunity and prevent cancers
- Vegetarian and its diet
- All about soy
- Is mammogram able to prevent breast cancer and is diet able to prevent it
- risks of eating overnight and preserved food
- etc

Dr Chen on CNA

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